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What is wetter water? Electrolysis reduces large mineral clusters resulting in water that more effectively hydrates...

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The oxidation of cells and the reduction of acidosis helps your body eliminate free radicals and combat many common ailments.

The History Of Alkaline Water

Water ionization was first developed in Japan in the early 50's and the experiments were first conducted on plants and animals. Full scale development started in 1954 by several Japanese agricultural universities on the effects of Reduced Alkaline Water, especially acid water, on plants. Today, nursery farmers that supply cut flowers use acid water to keep flowers longer before delivery to the flower shops; Golf courses use acid water on the greens and fairways without the need of chemicals; Hospitals use acidic water as an astringent for killing germs and bacteria.

Experiments on the human body took much longer because of the difficulties in maintaining the constancy of the environments. Nevertheless, through long, patient experiments by the medical doctors in Japan, much valuable data has been collected and it was concluded that Reduced Alkaline Water made by the water ionizer was non-toxic and alleviated many symptoms of adult diseases.

The first commercial Reduced Alkaline Water ionizers were available in Japan in 1958. Until then, the only water ionizers available were large units used in hospitals. In 1960, a group of medical doctors and agricultural doctors in Japan formed a special medical and agricultural research institute, and they have annual meetings to report their findings. Finally, in January 15th, 1966, this type of Reduced Alkaline Water ionizer was approved as a health improvement medical device by the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry of the Japanese Government.

Japanese-made ionizers were first introduced to Korea in the 70's, and today they are also approved as medical devices by the government of South Korea. Korean-made household unit were introduced in the United States in 1985 and a toxicity test was conducted by an independent testing laboratory in LA on April 14, 1986. The test found no toxicity in the water generated by the water ionizer. This testing was done according to FDA specified methods.

The first water ionizer was brought into Singapore and Malaysia by Dr. C L Yap, Ph.D. (Kemp Trading, Singapore) in 1988. The Reduced Alkaline Water was tested by SISIR on 20th June 1988 (Ref: 0-21242-S23-GAP) and also tested by Singapore General Hospital for bacteria. Reports are available from Kemp Trading, Singapore (Tel: 272 5337) and AlkaLife Sdn Bhd (Tel: 03-77104788) Presently, our manufacturer is producing The Alkalizer™ which is sold in countries all over the world.

The Alkalizer won the award in Japan for the BEST Alkalizer machine in 1996. It has the BEST computer system with high quality, smooth, double coated, internal titanium and platinum electrode. Not a course electrode which break down from hard water minerals after a few months to a few years. The Alkalizer is commercial grade quality and will not overheat when used filling many gallons at at time.

The Alkalizer has been tried and tested across every state in the US and in 10 different countries on all types of water since 1994. There is no other machine on the market which has been proven to function better than The Alkalizer! This machine is expected to last up to 20 years.


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