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About David Baltes - President and CEO of DBS

Mr. Baltes has over 40 years experience in Sales and Marketing including 14 years in the nutritional field.  He is an author, motivator, and an exceptional speaker and trainer. He broke sales records in four different industries and is author of sales books, Winning Edge, Leading Edge, and Positive Edge. Now that he is selling the Alkalizer he has a passion to bring better health to the world as never before.  He believes in simple solutions that everyone can afford.

In 1994, the Japanese asked him to help them introduce water ionization to the USA. After 11 months of research he said yes. One of the key reasons he said yes was he discovered that distilled water and RO water and some of the spring water were actually acid. Being in the nutritional field he knew that putting anything acid into the body was the last thing you want to do.  Restructured alkaline water was the key to optimal health.  A major key to the Japanese living a longer life than any other country is being alkaline.  By the way, USA ranks #34. You would think by having the financial means, great doctors and hospitals we would be healthier than that. However, it is all about pH. It is so simple. Just begin drinking this living water daily. It will provide the body with what it needs and it can start healing itself. If you get the foundation right then the walls won’t come tumbling down. The foundation of our body is water. In the past 11 years nobody has been able to show him one thing that everyone could use that could help the body like this water. It helps energize, oxidize, and mobilize your body without side effects. This investment will keep working for 15-20 years. Your whole family, entire neighborhood or church group can drink water from this one machine. You could help many people with better health. Give the water away and see what happens.

Let’s talk about different machines in the marketplace. With a car you can buy a car for $8000 or you can buy a car for $70,000. People who can afford a better car will usually buy one. A few hundred more dollars is the difference between just a machine and the best machine which is the Alkalizer. “I’d rather spend a little more than I thought I should to make sure I got what I thought I would.” Why is the Alkalizer better? Because of 11 years of experience with all types of machines. With the different water sources from one city to the next and even one block to the next we found that many problems occurred. We sold different machines in the USA and had problems with clogging up, heating up, worn out electrodes, diminished energy and antioxidant levels. People were not getting the same benefits. We even developed another machine for people to clean out their water machines once a month which cost 2 to 3 hundred dollars. I received machines from Japan, Korea and China which did not solve these problems. They thought that a cheaper machine would sell more machines. Remember, we are not talking about thousands of dollars.

The Japanese people believe that in order to lower prices you have to cut quality. So, if the price is lower you must have used cheaper parts. They were right. In USA we want low price and high performance. In Japan they will pay the price for better performance.

David has had the privilege to go through the different factories in Japan and make comparisons. At first he did not understand why one would perform better than another since they all produce alkaline water. He thought it was just a matter of how they looked and how many levels each one had.

However, he soon found out that performance and longevity without problems is the key. After five years of problems he got a telephone call that would change the direction of our lives.  It was Mr. Miyake and he is the owner of the oldest manufacturer of health products, particularly the water ionizer, in Japan. It is a family owned company who believes in selling only the best of everything. David was flown to Japan so he could see the differences between the machines. He saw lower priced machines that had pin holes in the plates and other corroding factors.  The electrodes were also marred in that short period of time, which can deplete the original benefits of ionized water. Then they showed him their new machine and why they called it the Rolls Royce of the industry.  After seeing the differences in the quality and performance and also solving the problems with the various water sources, He saw this machine as a winner. The price was the only issue. But, how much is your health really worth? They sell quality, not price.  It is worth not having problems with the machine, very little maintenance and most importantly, better health for years to come.

They asked him to be their direct Importer for the USA and other parts of the world, as there is always room for expansion. That was 5 years ago and we have been selling the Alkalizer every since.

David named the machine “The Alkalizer” and has the Trademark for it.  We have Reps nationwide and even shipping machines to 12 other countries now. Before the Alkalizer we had problems and some results. With the Alkalizer we have very few problems and many great results. In just 2 glasses, 2 days or 2 weeks, almost everyone feels something positive.

Why not order your Alkalizer today and begin realizing better health for you and your family.


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