+Acidic vs. Alkaline Water

What is wetter water? Electrolysis reduces large mineral clusters resulting in water that more effectively hydrates...

+Help Your Body To Help Itself

The oxidation of cells and the reduction of acidosis helps your body eliminate free radicals and combat many common ailments.

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Water Stores Wading in Potential Quagmire for Industry

Perchlorate Scare Courtesy of the EWG

Is Baby's Milk "Contaminated" With Rocket Fuel?

Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?

Bottled Water FAQ

A New and Natural Method of Treatment of Peptic Ulcer Disease - [PDF]

Pain: A Need for Paradigm Change - [PDF]

Neurotransmitter Histamine - [PDF]

Neurotransmitter Histamine: An Alternative View Point -- Abstract of Presentation at the 3rd Inter-Science World Conference on Inflammation, etc. - [PDF]

Receptor Down-Regulation - [PDF]

AIDS - More Convincingly A Metabolic Disorder - [PDF]

AIDS - Transglutaminase - [PDF]

AIDS - The Dead End of Virus Etiology - [PDF]

Tumor Necrosis Factor and HIV - [PDF]

For The Record - [PDF]

Science or Attitude - [PDF]

Functions of Histamine and Gastroenterology - [PDF]

Gastroenterology and Histamine's functions in the body - [PDF]

Histamine and Serotonin: A Conceptual Approach to Carcinogenesis - [PDF]

Paradigm Shift - [PDF]

Tryptophan - [PDF]

Water: A Pivotal Factor in Carcinoma of The Breast - [PDF]

Forward Views: Correspondence - [PDF]


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Comments & Lecture Notes by Dr. Mona Harrison, MD - Director International Water Council. Read More...

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Alkaline Water Helps Remove the Cause of Cancer

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