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Introduction: Healthy Water

Research on drinking water is highly fragmented and opinionated. Studies on water and heart disease ignore the findings on drinking water and cancer and vice versa.

"Healthy Water" written by Martin Fox, Ph.D, brings this diverse and confusing research into a coherent focus. Read what makes drinking water both safe and healthy.

Although "Healthy Water" is not a book about water pollution, it is smart to be reminded of the on-going extent of this problem. Reports from two leading environmental organizations (National Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Working Group) claim that 53 million Americans or roughly 1 in 5 are drinking polluted water.

A Message From Martin Fox, Ph.D.

Several years ago I was working on a degree in nutrition and decided to write about drinking water and health.

Researching and talking to different teachers, I found everyone had lots of opinions. But when I asked them why they believed one kind of water was better for you than another, no one had any real information. Everything was based on hearsay.

Around that time I was swayed by the superficial argument that minerals in drinking water were useless at best, and harmful at the worst. But as I started to collect the medical research on drinking water and its relationship to heart disease and cancer, I started to see a very different story.

Most of the articles clearly showed the benefits of minerals in drinking water. The result of all this was Healthy Water for a Longer Life; called the "best book on the subject." and later a summary of the book entitled Healthy Water. Healthy Water for a Longer Life is no longer available.

I think you'll find Healthy Water will answer your fundamental questions and leave you with the knowledge to make the right choices concerning your drinking and bathing water.

Sources: www.HealthyWater.com

Water: The Essential Nutrient

Most of us have been told we need to drink a minimum of 6 of 8 glasses of water a day. But if you recorded how much you personally drink, you will be amazed how little it is. Try it.

Many of our healthy problems are the result of dehydration. We have lost touch with our bodies many cries for water and have instead substituted food or other drinks for water.

Ironically many of the liquids we choose like, alcohol, juice, sodas, coffee, and tea actually dehydrate the body, thus adding to the problem.

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Bathing: A Chemical War Zone?

Preliminary research suggests that the ingestion of harmful chemicals from drinking water may not be the primary exposure.

Skin versus oral absorption rates for toxic chemicals in both children and adults show much higher rates of chemical skin absorption than from oral ingestion for toluene, ethyl benzene, and styrene.

Inhalation for showering for TCE (trichloroethylene) was 6 to 80 times greater than from drinking the water. Lovers of hot tubs and pools take note.

One solution to consider is a whole house filtration system for chemical removal, not mineral extraction. Or point of use filters for bathing, showering, and drinking.

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